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Co-Op Mode
-KILLALLZOMBIES Modes Update Trailer

-KILLALLZOMBIES Modes Update Trailer

The local co-op game mode is based upon the premise of the survival mode, but is adapted for two player co-operative multiplayer with each player allowed to choose their own weapon, while there are dedicated co-op perks as both players level up simultaneously with the perk going to the player that requests it first and the ability to revive your co-op partner, alongside SharePlay support in co-operative multiplayer.

The co-op mode also has own commands: you have the abilities to heal both players, reviving your dead ally,transferring health between both players to stabilise health, you gaining an extra life as your ally dies, a decoy in which the zombies will attack one player while leaving their ally alone for a limited duration or your damage will be decreased by 90% while your ally will receive increased damage for a limited duration and your ally being equipped with an any gun for a limited duration.