Survival is the main game mode of the #KILLALLZOMBIES, available both as single player and in special broadcast mode.

Killallzombies screens02

Enemies come in waves of various complexities with there always being a huge crowd. There are several big bosses with their own mechanics that arrive at the end of the series of waves. The main goal is to survive as long as humanly possible, while using the weapon arsenal that is at your disposal, items that are scattered throughout the arena and lucky perk combinations.

The the game arena comprises of hundreds of hexagon shaped tiles that are capable of totally changing the dynamics of the gameplay by altering the landscape by spawning obstacles, walls and pits; dynamic obstacles, such as knives, fissures and cannons; and fallen cars and other items; hexagons temporarily caving in on themselves to create dangerous traps for civilians to cautiously navigate; hexagons temporarily raising from the ground to create a blockade that may keep some zombies out, but when they find their way around or if they are all already in front of the barrier, then you are in for a tough time fighting your way out of that horde; alongside many more ever changing hexagonal gameplay dynamics.

Killing significant quantities of zombies will earn XP, which will eventually enable the player to level up, which is a very important process as it provides the player with a choice of perks that will be incredibly helpful in surviving the hordes of zombies. The perks have a tremendous power to each of them that can shift the balance of power from the hordes of zombies surrounding you to the player as the perks range from invisibility resulting in the zombies not being able to see the location of the character they are pursuing and insta-death, which sensationally leaves absolutely every zombie in a crumpled heap dead on the ground and not getting back up from it this time, amongst various other perks. For the outstanding performance, player also awarded with badges that shown in main menu and in the global scoreboards.

Multi-kills are announced upon the occasion of the player killing a large quantity of enemies consecutively within a very short period of time, such as killing 100 enemies would be announced as "Multi-kill", 150 enemy kills announced as "Killing spree", 200 enemy kills announced as "Massacre" and 250 enemy kills for "Rampage".

When broadcast mode active (press Share button on DualShock, select Twitch as provider), streaming interactions become available so Twitch channel spectators can affect gameplay via votes and chat commands: there are more than 70 interactions available.