Weapon arsenalEdit

There is plenty of weaponry at their disposal, such as a 9mm Beretta pistol, Revolver, Sawed-off shotgun, M-16, M-60, a futuristic X-Bow and Plasma Gun, spectacular Flaregun and Pepyaka gun and deadly Volcano and 5 sides Spreadgun. Each of the weapons has their own benefits and disadvantages caused by various attributes including: mag capacity, range, fire rate, damage and reload time. Weapons can be unlocked on a timed basis.

There are various bullet types for firearms ranging from normal ammo to piercing bullets that are capable of shooting directly through zombies, instantly freezing bullets and toxic bullets, which are activated with certain perks.

Image Name Description Reload speed (sec.)
Root pistol

Basic gun. Shoot with regular bullets in middle range.

Unlocked at the beginning of the game.


Root sprite revolver
Revolver Wild-wild West style! Midrange, only gun with piercing bullets.

Unlocked after a few minutes of gameplay.

Root sprite uzi
Uzi Let's get serious! Fast shooting and middle range.

Unlocked after Dongerino and approximately 10 minutes of gameplay.

Root sprite shotgun
Shotgun One shot, multiple kill - classic shotgun. Close range, wide angle.

Unlocked after approximately 5 minutes of gameplay.

Root sprite m16
M-16 Lightweight machine gun. Shoots in a long range and fast reload. Unlocked at approximately 25 minutes. 1
Root sprite m60
M-60 Heavy and powerful machine gun. Shoots in a long range, has big mag but has long reload time. Unlocked at approximately 35 minutes. 5,5
Root sprite crossbow
Crossbow Secret technology brought by time travelers. Shoots with 5 izotope blasts at once. Close range, high damage, wide angle, extremely useful against zombie dogs. Unlocked at approximately 15 minutes. 1
Root sprite plasmagun
Plasmagun This gun was stolen from the alien ship. Fast shoot with energy blasts in a long range.

Unlocked temporarily for one game by shooting and destroying the alien spaceship. Permanently unlocked at approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Root sprite flaregun
Flaregun Rocket launcher's little brother. Launches small rockets. First appeared in the content update 01.

Unlocked after approximately 12-15 minutes of gameplay.

Root sprite pepyakagun
Pepyaka gun Shoots with blue energy curved blasts which form elegant explosions that cause damage to groups of enemies. Useful against CrusheRhino. From content update 01. Unlocked at approximately 55 minutes. Xb1 Raging Rhino 96 2.75
Root sprite spreadgun
Spreadgun Shoots with 5 energy blasts in wide and middle range. First appeared in the content update 01. Permanently unlocked at approximately 2 hours. 1.5
Root sprite volcano
Volсano machine gun Lots of bullets! Lots of dead zombies! This gun is so heavy that your movement is slower than usual. Shoots in a long range with incredible fire rate. Long reload time. Use it with piercing bullets and you undefeatable! Unlocked around 45 minutes. Available in content update 01. 7
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